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Preview of Michelle Pressler's 2017 Fall line. Select pieces available at Wayne Jewelers.


Michelle Pressler's jewelry expresses her love of color, nature, simplicity, and classical details.  Michelle's fascination with stones began as a child when she discovered mica in the dirt of the playground, and from there, she began collecting rocks and minerals.  After working in the fashion industry as a designer and illustrator, she began sewing tiny faceted beads onto handmade greeting cards and book covers.  This drew her attention back to the stones, which led to seven years of working with a leading jewelry manufacturer, where she learned the ropes of the jewelry industry.  Based in Philadelphia, Michelle Pressler Jewelry was launched in 2002.  Working with high quality hand-cut stones, sterling silver, and gold fill, MIchelle aims to create pieces that balance rich detail with modern simplicity in harmonious colors.  We are proud to offer her special pieces - many more pieces available in-store.

Here's a look at Michelle Pressler's New Collection for Spring 2016. Call for pricing and availability.


Meral Sartekin was born in 1960 in Akhisar, a rural village in Turkey. The free spirited, independent young woman left her country to study abroad in Zurich, Switzerland where she married Halil and gave birth to their daughter. In 1992 the couple founded Kelim, a boutique specializing in handmade goods from their native Turkey. Meral and Halil began designing jewelry inspired by the beautiful patterns in, the traditional Turkish carpets and the natural beauty of their adopted country, Switzerland. 

After the success of their first wholesale trade show, the couple focused solely on designing and producing the Kelim Jewelry Collection. Together with their nephew, Gultekin, they established our atelier in Istanbul, where a team of highly trained craftsmen bring each design to life.

We are proud to showcase beautiful sterling silver and enamel pieces from the Nicole Barr Collection. In the tradition of artists like Faberge and Lalique, Nicole Barr uses vitreous enamel (hard fired glass) which is then applied by hand to sterling silver, and complemented with diamonds and gemstones. Nicole Barr also specializes in a difficult enameling technique called plique-á-jour, where the enamel is suspended between delicate wires of silver or gold without a backing, allowing the light to shine through. Shop this truly stunning and one-of-a-kind collection today!